Al Ain Zoo Run

03 Feb 2018 Al Ain Local Community Al Ain Zoo Share this:
The Abu Dhabi Sports Council in collaboration with Al Ain Zoo presents the February 3 run. Starting at the main entrance runners will enter the park and loop around to the Safari area.  Continuing past the Flamingo pond, through the lovely winding paths of the World Desert area and on to the African habitat. After passing Zebras, Camels and Giraffes the route zig zags past Lions and Chimps (who may be cheering you on) and around the big cat oasis before heading back to the main entrance. 

How many animals can you spot? Did you out sprint the cheetah? Join us and the Al Ain Zoo residents for a 2.5k short loop, 5k long loop or 2 long loops for the 10k option. A unique run in one of the most beautiful areas of the UAE.