Daman Open Water Swim

21 Dec 2019 Abu Dhabi Local Community Corniche Beach, East Plaza Share this:

Open Water Swimming Competition - Abu Dhabi Corniche Beach 

Daman Open Water Swimming festival to be held on Saturday 21st December 2019 on Corniche Beach Abu Dhabi.

To be held on the beach that once hosted the Abu Dhabi International Triathlon on the East Plaza, we offer a 3000m (3Km), 2 lap swim as the feature race.

Join us at this wonderful beach with your family and friends where you can participate by swimming in a range of swim distances. 

Competition distances are 3Km (3000 m), 1.5Km (1500m), 750m and especially for the little ones we are offering the 200m dash.

CUT OFF TIME for the 3000m (3Km) swim - any swimmer failing to complete the first lap of the course inside 40 minutes will be stopped from starting lap 2.  This timing is in place for the safety of all participants.