Westin Kilo Marathon

01 Nov 2019 Abu Dhabi Local Community The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort & Spa | Abu Dhabi Golf Club Share this:

Westin Kilomarathon Night Run | Westin Golf Resort

The Westin Kilomarathon Night Run is an evening run under the lights of one of the world's most iconic golf courses, the Abu Dhabi Golf Club.

The ultimate cross country run in the UAE with a mix of grass, sand and gravel running.

Runners can enter the Kilomarathon (26.2 km) run over 6 laps of a looped course which is a combination of grass fairways, cart paths, sand mounds and gravel off road.

Shorter distances are the Half Kilo (13.1 km) run over 3 laps or a 1-lap (4.3 km) run.  

For the kids there is a special Halloween Kids 1 km run out and around the driving range with prizes for the spookiest running costumes.


5:30 pm: Registration opens

7:30 pm: Start Kilomarathon

7:45 pm: Start HalloweenKids' 1km run

8:10 pm: Start Half Kilo

8:15 pm: Start One Lap run