The Gunners concede their second defeat 4 victories on Day 2 of Ramadan Open Football Championship

Source: ADSC 6/19/2016 12:00:00 AM Share this:

4 matches were held on day 2 of Ramadan Open Football Championship at ADNEC. The championship is part of Abu Dhabi Sports Festival 2016.

Actions of day 2 saw Stars Team defeating the Gunners 3-2 in Group (A). This defeat was the second for the Gunners.

In group (B), Bin Hamoodah team went to the top of the table with 3 points as they defeated Abu Dhabi Lions Team 3-0 on day 1 of the championship

For Group (C), Universities Sport Union Team defeated the Air forces (A) Team with 4 clear goals to bag their first three points, while group (D) matches witnessed  Abu Ayash Team scoring  4 goals against ADIB Team. ADIM managed to score an only one goal as full time was 4-1.

In the second match in Group (D) for the same day, Vital Facilities Protection Team defeated the Royal Team 2-1. This result helped Abu Ayash Team to go to the top of the table for this Group on goal difference.