Abu Dhabi delegation in Tokyo to discuss investment opportunities

Source: ADSC 5/7/2018 12:00:00 AM Share this:

An Abu Dhabi delegation to Tokyo, headed by Abu Dhabi Investment Office of the Department of Economic Development (DED), held a coordination meeting today in Tokyo. The delegation conducted a series of bilateral meetings between the participating bodies with Japanese investors and businessmen in order to familiarise them with the best investment opportunities that the government of Abu Dhabi provides in several economic sectors.

On the other hand, private sector companies will be meeting with their Japanese counterparts in order to reinforce partnership between the private sectors in Abu Dhabi and Japan.

Ahmed Bin Ghannam, CEO of Abu Dhabi Investment Office, said that meetings of the delegation, who consisted of over 40 individuals representing 16 governmental bodies and 19 private sector companies, focused on the importance of unifying the efforts of all participating bodies in order to achieve the objectives of the visit through the meetings that will be held between the delegation and the Japanese companies.

Moreover, he explained that the visit targets Japanese companies that are interested in obtaining investment opportunities in several economic areas in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, and said that Abu Dhabi’s delegation includes several bodies that operate in the fields of industry, finance, business, sports, aviation, energy, tourism and infrastructure. He also emphasised that this visit will help reinforce investment partnership between private sector companies of both sides.

In addition to that, Bin Ghannam stated that this visit is part of a programme designed to attract foreign investments to the Emirate in 2018 which featured the organisation of Abu Dhabi in India Week last February. He also pointed out that this programme focuses on several countries with which Abu Dhabi maintains advanced economic and investment relationships, such as Japan, South Korea, India, China, the United States, Russia, Malaysia and Singapore.

Furthermore, he added that visits to these countries will feature a number of events that aim to promote the investment opportunities that Abu Dhabi offers in several economic areas while taking into consideration the investment and economic relationships between Abu Dhabi and said countries.

He also explained that the programme includes Abu Dhabi Week in a number of targeted countries, as well as meetings between the participating governmental bodies delegation and their counterparts in the targeted countries. Moreover, the programme features the organisation of investment forums during which the major companies in these countries are familiarised with the top investment opportunities that Abu Dhabi promotes.

He noted that through the implementation of this programme, Abu Dhabi Investment Office will work on engaging the private sector in all the events and visits that will be organised in the above mentioned countries based on its belief in the important role that the private sector companies play as a key partner. ''The private sector is crucial in attracting investments and capital to the Emirate and enables it to expand its economic and investment activity, as well as creating international alliances that enhance its competitiveness on the regional and global level.'' The meeting was attended by Khalid Imran Al Ameri, the UAE Ambassador to Japan, as well as several chairmen and directors of the participating governmental bodies and representatives of the private sector companies.