Fierce Competition in Abu Dhabi Schools Champions Knockout Stages

3/10/2022 12:00:00 AM Share this:

Abu Dhabi Schools Champions entered its city knockout stages with fierce competition in the games held on March 5-6 in Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, with all players vying to qualify for the regional knockout stages.

The regional knockout stages will give the best teams from Abu Dhabi City, Al Ain and Al Dhafra the chance to prove themselves in the final stages of the tournament, and be crowned as the Abu Dhabi School Champions in their respective sports.

In the football knockouts in Abu Dhabi, Al Rahba, Al Fateh and Al Dhabiania schools qualified for the Cycle 1 boys football, while Al Taawun, Al Maharat and Summit schools qualified for Cycle 2. Last but not least, Abdul Qader Al Jazaeri, The Model and Al Manara qualified for Cycle 3.

Over in Al Ain, Al Joud, Al Ain Juniors and Mezyad schools qualified for Cycle 1 boys, while Grace Valley, Dar Al Uloom and Al Andalus schools qualified for Cycle 2, and Darul Huda, Al Andalus and Al Zayediya schools qualified for Cycle 3.

Basketball competitions witnessed fierce competition among the cheering of schoolmates, parents and coaches. In Abu Dhabi, Abu Dhabi International School, Mleih and The Australian Schools qualified for the finals in Cycle 3 girls. In Al Ain, Al Ain Juniors, Emirates Falcon and Our Own English qualified for the competitions in Cycle 3.

Winning teams from cycle 2 and 3 will embark on trips for professional training camps in Europe, where they will meet the world’s best athletes. While cycle 1 teams will be taken on entertainment trips within the UAE.

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