Thousands of fans to enjoy AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019 thanks to Patrons

1/4/2019 12:00:00 AM Share this:

Passionate fans throughout the region have been given the chance to be part of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019, thanks to the successful Patrons Programme which has more than doubled in size since its launch.


The goodwill of a number of businesses and individuals has enabled children and young people as well as those who otherwise would not have had the opportunity to attend a number of live matches throughout the 28-day tournament.


Launched last month, the Patrons Progamme has seen a growing number of key businesses pledge their support to work closely within their communities, donating matchday tickets.


Impressed with the impact of the Patrons Programme, the latest pledge has come from an international UAE-based events company, committing over 2,000 tickets during the tournament. Owner, John Jossifakis, commented: “Football is a sport that unites the world. It is universal, it is a sport that brings diverse communities together.


“Being in the entertainment industry, I am in the business of making people happy and to give them unforgettable experiences. So when I heard about the programme I thought it was a great way to step up to the plate and get involved.”


Businessman Harmeek Singh, originally from India, has resided in the UAE for a number of years and was one of the first Patrons to commit to the programme, added: “To have my home nation India come to the UAE is something which is very special and excites me and the Indian community. Through the Patrons Programme, I have been able to share the AFC Asian Cup with a number of fellow Indians in the community and it is a great way for us all to unite and get behind our team in the tournament.”


Businesses of any size can sign up to become Patrons of the AFC Asian Cup UAE 2019, with the only requirement being the promise of supporting communities by donating match tickets.


Patrons taking part in the initiative will also have opportunities to be part of key moments during the tournament in return for their support, which will allow more individuals and communities to watch live football throughout the tournament.


A number of community engagement progammes have already enjoyed success throughout the UAE with over 75,000 school children taking part in the country’s biggest ever Schools Programme, whilst 5,000 volunteers have been recruited to play significant roles throughout the 51 matches of captivating football.