Boca Juniors and Racing Club to play for the Argentine SuperCup 2022 at Hazzza bin Zayed Stadium on January 20

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The Argentine Football Association (AFA) and the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) signed an extended four year agreement on June 2022 with plans for hosting the Argentine SuperCup in Abu Dhabi.

After a successful experience with Argentine National team’s friendly match aganst their UAE counterpart just before World Cup in Qatar, ADSC and AFA continued their plans to strenghten football and sporting ties with the Argentine SuperCup Final 2022 at the Hazza bin Zayed Stadium on Friday 20 January 2023.

The Argentine SuperCup Final 2022 will have two of the latest Argentine champions competing for the Grand Finale. Boca Juniors, crowned the Argentine League champions in October. On the other side are Racing Club, winner of the Champions Cup 2022, in November.

Alongside a classic derby, teams and players of the two clubs will engage with the Abu Dhabi community to promote football and a sporty lifestyle in the capital of international sports. 

ADSC is a strong international promoter at the forefront of the sports entertainment industry, and along with the AFA will continue to offer the most important football events with long term development in view.

The overarching objective is to continue to strengthen relations with multiple football activities through cultural interactions and the continuous promotion of a healthy lifestyle based on sports. The Argentine SuperCup Final 2022, is meant to be a unifying celebration of the two best teams in Argentina and the initial step for a wider view of the Argentinian and Emiratí football exchange.

In relation to this matter the AFA President, Mr Claudio Tapia, highlighted: "Being able to share the Argentine SuperCup Final with Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Abu Dhabi community is a joyful, special feeling.

“We had received the warmth and hospitality during the National Team stay last November 2022, and we are convinced of the value and the significant relationship we are building with Abu Dhabi Sports Council.

“The Argentine SuperCup Final 2022 is meant to be a football celebration event that we are glad to share. It is important to continue extending the reach of our Argentine Clubs in such a great destination as Abu Dhabi, and we look forward to continue consolidating football exchanges with Abu Dhabi Sports Council leadership. This event is a great step to continue reinforcing the positioning of Argentine Football in a global stage.”

His Excellency Aref Hamad Al Awani, General Secretary of ADSC, while congratulating Argentina’s World Cup success in Qatar, said: “We are privileged welcome AFA onboard and to host the Argentine Super Cup in the United Arab Emirates.

“Argentina is renowned as a football powerhouse and our partnership with AFA is sure to bring some of the best football talents in the world for our people to watch, enjoy and learn from them.

“We have ambitious plans with AFA to to promote and develop the sporting ties between the two countries through exchange programmes, hosting of the national and age groups teams, and furrher establish Abu Dhabi as a hot spot as an international venue for multisports.”

Tickets for the match will be available today electronically through the official communications via social media of both AFA and ADSC.

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