Abu Dhabi Sports Council Capacity Building Workshop.

6/20/2019 12:00:00 AM Share this:

Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) organised a two-day workshop on strategic best practices for marketing identity and sporting events management in its continuous efforts to improve the overall performance of the sporting system in Abu Dhabi.

The session held in cooperation with CSM was marked by a distinguished interaction and presence of Abu Dhabi Club representatives.

The first day reviewed the strategy of marketing identity of institutions and plans to develop and promote them according to advanced international programs and practices using digital means and tools to communicate with all parties, achieving financial returns and business gains.

The workshop focused on strategic plans including vision and objectives, product development, business concept, content plan, broadcast and promotion platforms, partnership (sponsorship) and other ways and means of providing revenue, marketing plan, communication channels and promotion.

The second day was a review of the best practices for managing events according to the methodology of managing events in the world.

It focused on strategic planning, general planning, readiness, implementation, implementation and results, evaluation, and the best international practices to manage sports events, participants, organisers, partners, sponsors and followers.

Noura Al Ansari, Head of Training and Development at ADSC, stressed the importance of the workshop in enriching the knowledge and experience of Abu Dhabi clubs

“ADSC is keen to provide ambitious plans and advanced programs and practices aimed at continuously improving the administrative and executive system in all areas, especially in the light of the development of advanced strategies and modern management sciences,” she said.

“The workshop upholds the importance of keeping abreast of these developments and their positive reflection on the sports development processes"