Lasting for one month Daman Challenge draws in 700 participants, an exceptional success in its first edition

Source: ADSC 11/28/2021 12:00:00 AM Share this:

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) and the National Health Insurance Company – Daman announced the success of the Daman Challenge, which saw the participation of more than 700 people from all segments of society. The Daman Challenge is a four-week social initiative that aims to motivate people to lose weight, follow a healthy diet, and exercise, while emphasising the company’s commitment to building a healthy, active and disease-free society.

ADSC and Daman organised an event at the Council’s headquarters in Zayed Sports City to honour the best male and female participants in the weight loss category and present them with prizes to celebrate their achievement of losing weight and improving their fitness. The ceremony also recognised the efforts of  individuals who interacted proactively with the Daman challenge on social media using the #Daman_Challenge hashtag.

Among the top participants in the challenge’s weight loss category were Nasrin Nazar who lost 30 kg after announcing her participation in the challenge, followed by Sumati Sodakar who lost 18 kg, and Rinad Abu Awad who lost 16 kg. In the category of Maintaining Weight and Improving Fitness, Saeed Al Hamadi came in first, followed by Christopher Kelly in second place, and Salah Mohammed in third place.

His Excellency Aref Hamad Al Awani, General Secretary of ADSC, congratulated all participants in this special social initiative, affirming the Council’s commitment to supporting all initiatives that achieve social interaction and encourage engagement in sports, raise awareness about its importance, and make it a key part of their daily lifestyle for all members of society.

Al Awani praised the efforts of all participants in the challenge, wishing them success in continuing to follow a healthy lifestyle, and at the same time expressed his happiness over the partnership with Daman, the leading health insurer in the region.

“We will continue to support everything that encourages and motivates members of society to lead a healthy lifestyle devoid of disease and health issues, and we are open to all ideas and initiatives that seek to improve lifestyles. Again, we thank everyone who participated in the Daman Challenge, and we promise all members of society that we will organise more activities very soon,” Al Awani said.

Hamad Abdullah Al Mehyas, CEO of Daman, said: “We are proud of the success of the first edition of the Daman Challenge, which enhances Daman’s strategic efforts in regard to building a healthy future for individuals and encouraging all citizens and residents in the UAE to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

“The considerable popularity and interaction of such activities and initiatives proves the importance of these ideas and efforts which are attracting a lot of attention in society. These activities constitute an extension of Daman’s social initiatives which we will continue to provide and support to achieve a positive impact on society,” he added.

Al Mehyas applauded the considerable efforts and top-level cooperation by strategic partners and other key players involved in the Daman Challenge. Daman’s CEO sent special thanks to the ADSC, which he said was the ideal partner for launching such a challenge and ensuring the wide reach of its message among all segments of society.

The Daman Challenge was available for free for all members of society aged 16 and up, and it included two categories: Weight Loss, and Maintaining Fitness. The Challenge lasted for four weeks starting from its announcement in September 2021.