The Spartan World Championship (Abu Dhabi 2022) announces the list of its ambassadors in the community

Source: ADSC 11/17/2022 12:00:00 AM Share this:

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council and Spartan, the world's most prominent brand in endurance sports and overcoming barriers, announced the first list of ambassadors participating in the 2022 Spartan World Championship, which will start in two weeks in Abu Dhabi.

The ambassadors will have exclusive access to behind the scenes of the distinguished tournament and will be responsible for representing Spartan in the community, in addition to stimulating local audience participation in the challenging endurance sport based on overcoming obstacles and launching awareness campaigns for the 2022 Spartan World Championship on their personal accounts on social media.

Commenting on this, Ahmed Al-Nuaimi, one of the ambassadors of the Spartan World Championship, who is preparing to take on the new challenging track, said: “I have participated in the Spartan World Championship since 2017 driven by my passion for exciting and challenging races, and I admire this competition because it requires high levels of fitness The physicality and the willingness to hold on until the last stages and win, especially on the dune tracks, which was one of the most difficult parts of the previous championship.”

For his part, Omar Almarashda, who is participating in the Spartan World Championship for the second time, said: “I am excited to return this year to participate in the Spartan World Championship. I can win and be on the podium."

In turn, Abubaker Alhouqani, a participant in the Spartan World Championship, said: “I participated in the Spartan World Championship in America in 2018 and in Abu Dhabi last year. I look forward to achieving an excellent result this year, especially since the championship is being held in Abu Dhabi, which continues to consolidate its position as a leading destination for events.” major international.

The 2022 Spartan World Championship will take place between December 2 and 4, in the Al Wathba desert, 30 minutes from Abu Dhabi. It offers residents and visitors of the UAE capital the opportunity to participate in the Sprint (5 km, 20 barriers), the Super Race (10 km, 25 barriers), the Beast (21 km, 30 barriers), and the Team Relay Super (10 km, 25 barriers). ) and junior races (Kids), which range from 1 to 3 kilometers to suit all levels, and are held in vast sand dunes and wonderful desert terrain.

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