Agreement to usher a series of sports programs

2/1/2019 12:00:00 AM Share this:

A joint cooperation agreement signed between the Abu Dhabi Sports Council (ADSC) and the UAE Football Federation with the Royal Moroccan University is set to usher in a series of new sports exchange programs between the institutes.

The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by HE Marwan bin Ghalaita, President of the UAE FA and Fawzi Leqge, President of the Moroccan Football Federation, in the presence of Jodar Mohammed, Vice President of the Moroccan University, and HE Mohammed bin Hazzam Al Dhaheri, General Secretary of the FA.

The MOU consists of development and exchange programs, technical support, participation in training courses and educational activities through conferences and seminars, training camps, and exchange of referees' accreditation for local competitions in both countries.

It also includes the organisation of an annual match between the two teams, which will be held alternately in each country, according to the calendar of the International Federation of Football (FIFA).

The exchange of expertise in the field of professionalism and the organisation of joint workshops coincides with the objectives of developing football professionally in both countries within the basic framework FIFA rules and regulations.

The exchange of marketing and media experiences, and cooperation in the field of sports medicine are other areas covered by the MOU.

“We are pleased to be able to sign an agreement with the Moroccan Football Association,” said HE Bin Ghalaita after signing the MOU at the ADSC headquarters on Friday.

“The agreement includes a lot of development opportunities in the fields of arbitration, media, marketing and sports medicine.”

Leqge added: “We are delighted to be in Abu Dhabi and sign a partnership agreement with the UAE FA and ADSC. We are proud of this agreement, which represents the value and place of the bilateral relations.”

HE Arif Hamad Al Awani, Secretary General of ADSC, signed a cooperation agreement with the President of the Moroccan FA Saeed Al Naciri, and the president of the Raja Casablanca Club.

It was also agreed to organize the Super Emirati Moroccan match which brings together the champion of the Arab Gulf League in the UAE and the champion of the Moroccan league.

HE Al Awani thanked the Moroccan University and the two sides of the match of the Classico Morocco in Abu Dhabi, which was the result of the relations between the UAE and the Kingdom of Morocco.

He said the agreement represents an additional station supporting the progress of our sports plans and successful sustainability has many components.

“We are proud to cooperate and partner with the Kingdom of Morocco, which represents a distinctive model for successful Arab football experiences in the Middle East, in all levels of the arts, the public and the marketing,” he said.

“We thank all parties for the fruitful cooperation that resulted in the Classico Morocco. Sports events that bring together the peoples of the world from different continents and cultures and introduce the whole world to the approach adopted by the State under the umbrella of its wise leadership.”

Saeed Al Naciri, president of the Moroccan club Wydad, said he was happy to organize the match of the Club of Morocco in Abu Dhabi, and thanked ADSC and the UAE FA.