Dr. Ramón Cugat Visits Healthpoint Hospital, Al Ain and Baniyas Clubs

Source: ADSC 9/20/2017 12:00:00 AM Share this:

On the margins of the seminar “Experiences from la Liga” organized by Abu Dhabi Sports Council in September 2017,, Dr. Ramón Cugat Bertomeu, the Spanish specialist in orthopedic surgery, and doctor of Barcelona Football Club paid a visit to Healthpoint hospital in Abu Dhabi.

During the visit, Dr, Cugat saw from himself the procedures taken by the hospital in terms of injuries, post-surgery and physiotherapy, as all that is done in conformity of latest international standards.

In the same respect, Dr, Cugat visited both Al Ain and Baniyas football clubs.

The visit of Dr. Ramón Cugat came within the partnership of ADSC with the La Liga.