The stage is elaborately set for Zayed Charity Run in Suez Governorate

Source: ADSC 12/15/2019 12:00:00 AM Share this:

Elaborate preparations are already nearing completion for the sixth staging of the Zayed Charity Run on December 27 at the Suez Governorate located in the northeast of Egypt, 134 kilometres from Cairo.

The eight-kilometre run for a prize fund of E£2million, of which 500,000 is to be allocated to people of determination, is set to draw thousands of runners. The race for the people of determination is run over 2km.

The event held in conjunction with the UAE and Egypt goes back several years. The first charity run was staged in Cairo in 2014 followed by two more editions of the race in the capital city before moving it to Luxor in 2017 and Ismailia in 2018.

The organising committee of the event in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Suez Governorate have completed all arrangements to host the first charity run at the Port City.

The charity run is a tribute to the UAE’s founding father Sheikh Zayed bin Al Nahyan for his charitable work to the world.

HE Abdul Rahman bin Mohammad Al Owais, Minister of Health and Community Protection, affirmed the continuity of the event itself is a huge recognition of the charities that benefit from the event.

“The charity run has received unprecedented successes and wide praise from the Egyptian society. It just goes on to confirm that charities through sporting events as an effective means to promote charities.

“Our happiness doesn’t describe us being a source of the happiness of others, especially when it comes to the brotherly relationship with the Egyptian people.

“Shifting the charity run from one city to another brings new audiences and provides more opportunities for people around the country to participate.”

Meanwhile, the Egyptian Ministry of Youth and Sports will provide buses for the participants from various cities to the city of Suez. The event is set to draw more than 25,000 participants.