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 H.H. Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Message from the ChairmanH.H. Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Abu Dhabi Sports Council is a multi-faceted organisation yet single-minded in its commitment to bringing world-class sports events to this emirate, assisting and promoting the many sporting clubs which already exist and expanding with more serving other disciplines. This commitment is aimed at building a strong desire among our national and resident community for healthy lifestyles, the creation of home-grown sporting superstars and role models and the fostering of international recognition of the emirate as home to world-class sports action.

Our commitment and aims are closely aligned to the framework our leadership has laid down to creating a healthy, inclusive society – aims for which sports has an integral role to play.

Little gives me greater satisfaction than to see the youth of this emirate, girls and boys, out on the football field, picking up a tennis racquet or golf club, readying on a judo mat, saddling up for an equestrian event or taking to the water in a laser. These are the foundations which we are laying down through grass roots initiatives. I also, however, get great encouragement when I see literally thousands of residents and visitors turn out to support the increasing number of global-standard sporting events we are hosting here, and we envisage many more to come.

Involvement in sport has many benefits for us all – no matter where we come from, or what age or nationality. Sport builds tremendous personal and community assets. It teaches patience, endurance, sheer determination, teamwork, an ability to lose graciously and to win with elation yet humility. It in many ways reflects our desired nature and that of our founding father. It undoubtedly develops an inclusive society used to coming together as one.

In Abu Dhabi we are blessed with a temperate winter climate – one that lends itself to the outdoors, sports events and training yet we also have tremendous sporting facilities which means our endeavours can continue throughout the summer months.

Going forward we are looking increasingly to partner the many local, regional and international associations and federations which can help us upscale our efforts and private sector organisations who recognise the value of our work and aims and wish to align with them.

We have much to give thanks for. Let’s together give our best, so others can be their best.

H.H. Sheikh Nahyan bin Zayed Al Nahyan