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  • 15 Jan 2024
  • Source : adsc

Abu Dhabi Cycling Club organizes the “Qasr Al Sarab” race, for a distance of 160 km

The Abu Dhabi Cycling Club organized the annual community outing, “Qasr Al Sarab”, in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, and with broad community participation.

The event witnessed a large turnout from participants of all artistic and physical levels, as they covered a distance of 160 kilometers, on a bicycle ride that began at six in the morning from in front of the Liwa Hotel, until Qasr Al Sarab Hotel, during which they enjoyed seeing the stunning desert scenery.

The event aims to increase awareness of cycling, whether for sport or as a means of transportation, given its multiple benefits for physical and mental health, its contribution to preserving the environment, and providing a healthy lifestyle.

It also comes within the framework of the pioneering role played by the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, to enhance community awareness of the importance of cycling and encourage riders to participate in the events held by the club, with the aim of discovering and attracting talent and forming a team capable of competing locally, regionally and globally.

Al-Nakhira Al Khaili, Executive Director of the Abu Dhabi Cycling Club, explained that the event was organized in accordance with the latest international and local standards, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere, as the club works to implement the vision of the wise leadership to encourage members of society to create opportunities for them to practice sports and physical activity, and is also keen on diversity in organizing. Annual events that meet the needs of all segments of society of different nationalities and ages.