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  • 29 Aug 2022

Abu Dhabi Sports Council launch ambitious Coach training program in 12 different sports

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council launched an ambitious Coach program for 12 different sporting disciplines with the aim of increasing the technical staff in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

The program in cooperation with the Ministry of Education, Abu Dhabi Maternity and Childhood Authority, National Anti-Doping Committee, and National Ambulance, as well as sports federations is set to provide licenses and certificates to 400 male and female coaches.

The program includes football, volleyball, basketball, handball, water sports, cycling, athletics, fencing, weightlifting, racket games, archery and judo.

The program consists of four stages, the basic courses that include child safety, first aid, anti-doping, and optional classes such as kinesiology, physical preparation and nutrition.

The second stage includes specialised courses approved by the concerned authorities.

The third is a refresher course to enrich knowledge and continuity of learning, and the fourth and final stage is a practical experience in European clubs.





Talal Al Hashemi, Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s Executive Director of the Sports Development Sector, said: "We are excited to launch the Coach program in cooperation with our valuable partners.

“Our goal is to develop t and upgrade the training system and provide professional experiences that contribute to the preparation of specialised technical cadres with certificates and licenses.

“It will enable them to practice their profession in Abu Dhabi clubs, academies, according to the approved sports program.

“The program comes within the sports council's strategies to develop training cadres and enhance the base of professional work in Abu Dhabi clubs and academies.”