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  • 01 Mar 2024
  • Source : adsc

Al-Attiyah wins the fourth stage of the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally and returns to the top of the overall car standings ​

The competitions of the fourth stage, “Al-Futtaim Motors Toyota Stage,” of the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally, which is being held in its 33rd edition, were concluded under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler’s Representative in the Al Dhafra Region, and organized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Emirates Motorcycle and Motorcycle Organization.
The fourth and penultimate stage started from Madinat Zayed, for a distance of 231 km, reaching Mahdar Hamim, amid varying ambitions among participants in all categories.
In the Ultimate Car category, Qatari Nasser Al-Attiyah was able to compensate for his delay yesterday, by winning the fourth stage, with a difference of 8 minutes and 21 seconds over Saudi Yazid Al-Rajhi, so that Al-Attiyah returned again to the top of the general standings, with a difference of 9 minutes and 21 seconds from American Quintero, and 12 minutes and 7 seconds from Al Rajhi, the struggle between the trio intensifies towards winning the title of the 33rd edition of the ancient rally.
The competition in the Challenger car category witnessed a great struggle in the stage, with Austin Jones eventually excelling after covering the distance with a time of 03:27:19 hours, a difference of 2 minutes and 2 seconds from Bacszewska Rokas, and 3 minutes and 49 seconds from the contestant Gutierrez, so that Jones remained in the lead. Overall ranking with a time of 14:30:43 hours.
In the car category (SSV), Mansour Al-Hali and Yasser Al-Saeidan presented a distinguished and exciting performance during the fourth stage competitions, when the stage began with a difference of 18 seconds in favor of Al-Saeedan, so that Al-Hali eventually won and returned to the top of the overall standings by a margin of 12 seconds, so that the final round tomorrow would determine the winner in the category. (SSV) in the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally.
As for the motorcycle race (Rally GB), Aaron Merry won the fourth stage after covering the distance in a time of 03:21:41 hours, moving away from his teammate Ross Branch by seven minutes and 31 seconds. With this result, Merry remained in the lead with a time of 13:55. :15 hours, a difference of 47 minutes and 55 seconds from Branch.
In the motorcycle category (quads), Abdulaziz Ahli came a long way towards the podium in his category, after he won the fourth stage, and completed his lead in the general standings with a time of 17:08:59 hours, a difference of about eight hours from his closest competitor.
In the motorcycle category (Rally 2), Dabrowski leads the overall standings with a time of 14:05:29 hours, followed by Jean-Loup Lepin with a time of 14:17:20 hours, then Jean Brabec with a time of 15:34:56 hours.
Jack Brent, General Manager of Toyota and Lexus at Al-Futtaim Motors, said: “The 33rd edition of the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally proved to be an exceptional race, as the competitions presented amazing performances and skills from the participants, and although the rally is not over yet, it is inspiring for everyone to see the participation of cars.” Toyota dominates the Ultimate class competitions.
Brent expressed his gratitude for the wonderful work and tremendous organization in the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally. He also expressed his happiness that Toyota is the official car supplier for the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally, which reflects the importance and strength of this brand in the world of cars.
For his part, Khalid bin Sulayem, President of the Emirates Motor and Motorcycle Organization, said: “As we approach the final stage, we are pleased to see that the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally has developed into an event that attracts experienced drivers and riders and emerging talents alike.”
He added, "We at the Emirates Motor Organization promise to ensure a bright future for this amazing sport by supporting and encouraging emerging talent, especially since we are now beginning to witness the growth of Emirati off-road talent, which is something we all want to see happen in the near future."
Tomorrow, Saturday, March 2, the fifth and final stage of the Abu Dhabi Desert Rally (Abu Dhabi Air Stage) will be held for a distance of 206 km, starting from Mahjar Hamim to Al Fadiya, where the competitors will then arrive at the Nation Towers on the Abu Dhabi Corniche at seven in the evening to ascend the podium, and then they will head. To the Abu Dhabi Energy Center to hold the coronation ceremony.
The Abu Dhabi Desert Rally is organized by the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Emirates Motorcycle and Motorcycle Organization, in cooperation with this year’s energy partner, ADNOC Distribution Company. Automotive partner Al-Futtaim Toyota; Abu Dhabi Aviation Company; Search and Rescue Centre; Al Ain water; Government support from the Ministry of Defense, the UAE Armed Forces, Abu Dhabi Police, Civil Defense, Abu Dhabi Distribution Company, Al Dhafra Region Municipality, and the media partner, Abu Dhabi Sports Channel.

Overall standings (cars)
Ultimate class
1- Nasser Al-Attiyah – Boulanger / Prodrive Team / 13:57:32 hours
2- Quintero - Zenis / Toyota Gazoo Racing / 14:06:53 hours
3- Yazid Al Rajhi - Götzschlak / Overdrive Racing / 14:09:39 hours
Challenger class
1- Jones Austin - Mina Oriol / CAN AM Factory Team / 14:30:43 hours
2- Bachsowska Rocas – Vidal Oriol / CAN AM Factory Team / 14:37:20 hours
3- Garces Echivera - Juan Pablo / South Racing CAN AM / 15:10:53 hours
SSV class
1- Mansour Al-Hali - Khaled Al-Kindi / RX Sport / 15:03:12 hours
2- Yasser Al-Saeidan - Michel Metje / Race World Team / 15:04:34 hours
3- Sebastian Guiasamin – Fernando Acosta / FN Speed Team / 15:32:11
Overall standings (motorcycles)
Rally GP class
1- Arun Mir / Hero Motor Sport Team Rally / 13:55:15 hours
2- Ross Branch / Hero Motor Sport Team Rally / 14:43:10 hours
Quad class
1- Abdulaziz Ahli / 17:08:59 hours
2- Hani Al-Noumsi / 25:08:53 hours
Rally class 2
1- Konrad Dabrowski / Dust Rally Team / 14:05:29 hours
2- Jean-Loup Liban / Dust Rally Team / 14:17:20 hours
3- Jan Brabec / Strugreen Racing / 15:34:56 hours