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  • 15 Jan 2024
  • Source : adsc

Al Balushi and Al Khouri win two titles in the "Rising Stars Boxing Championship" in Abu Dhabi

Emirati boxer Fahd Al Balushi defeated Venezuelan Milner Marcano by knockout in the light weight category in the sixth round in the second edition of the “Arab Rising Stars Boxing Championship.” Fahd Al Khouri also defeated Pakistani Shehzad Suhail in the middle weight category in the third round by knockout.
The tournament, which was held yesterday at Yas Links in Abu Dhabi, sponsored by the Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi, and organized by AA Seddiqi Sports, witnessed 10 exciting fights, with the participation of an elite group of international and Arab boxing players.
Moussa Ghoulam, the Moroccan boxer and world featherweight champion, and holder of the World Boxing Organization featherweight title, was able to knockout South African Lunga Saptemila in the fourth round.
The lightweight fight witnessed the victory of the Jordanian professional Badr Samreen over the British boxer Jeff Ofori, and the Syrian Muhammad Bakdash defeated his Tanzanian competitor, Shaaban Kongo, in the heavy weight.
In the rest of the fights, Iraqi Amir Kazem defeated his Mexican rival, Beverly Gonzalez, by a unanimous vote of 5 rounds out of 6, in the heavyweight division, and Ugandan Ishaq Junior defeated Egyptian Ibrahim Qandil in the lightweight division.
In the middleweight category, Jordanian Hisham Osama defeated Indonesian Riva Kundimang in the third round. Moroccan Anas Hafian succeeded in achieving a unanimous decision victory over Ugandan Batamzi, and Saudi Suleiman Badr defeated his Tanzanian competitor, Salom Omari, in the welterweight competition.
Ahmed Seddiqi, representative of AA Seddiqi Sports, confirmed his happiness with the level of promising boxers in the enthusiastic fights witnessed in the second edition, praising the level and performance of Emirati sons Fahd Al Balushi and Fahd Al Khouri.
He added, "We are happy with the tournament, which represents the first tournament for the 'Arab Rising Stars' series during the year 2024, with the participation of a group of the most prominent and promising boxers, in addition to the international Moroccan star Moussa Gholam, who participated in the event for the first time. We are confident that the tournament came out in a decent manner among this group." Promising young boxers.