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  • 20 Sep 2023
  • Source : ADSC

Al Ain will host the Egyptian national team camp next October

Within the framework of fruitful cooperation between the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the United Sports Company in Egypt, Abu Dhabi is hosting the training camp for the Egyptian national football team, from 9 to 17 October, in Al Ain.

The Egyptian national team will play two friendly matches during its camp in Al Ain, at the Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium, the first being against the Zambian national team on 12 October, and the second against the Algerian national team on 16 October. These matches form part of the national team’s preparation program to participate in the 2026 World Cup qualifiers and the 2024 African Cup of Nations finals in Côte d’Ivoire next January.

An agreement was reached between the Abu Dhabi Sports Council and the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Football Association on the details of the Egyptian national team camp. Led by

Portuguese Rui Vitoria during the international break on the agenda for next October, the camp is in support of the Egyptian national team’s progress and highlights the great value of Egyptian football from technical, popularity, media and marketing standpoints. It also further solidifies the strong historical relations between the United Arab Emirates and Egypt. The partnership between the two countries enhances their joint progress, continuous action plans, and efforts to embody the development and growth of their shared sports movement.

The Abu Dhabi Sports Council continues its cooperation with the United Sports Company in Egypt to host important Egyptian sporting events in the Emirates, after the great successes achieved over the past years, especially in hosting the Egyptian Super Cup whose technical and public excellence was witnessed by everyone in attendance.

The mission in the Emirates, after the great successes achieved over the past years, is to showcase the program’s artistic and public excellence on a large scale. The second friendly match is an especially important one for the Egyptian team, as it will be against their star-studded brothers, the Algerian team.

The match is determined to be a guaranteed success with the public, thanks to the presence of members of both the Egyptian and Algerian communities that are expected to fill the stands of Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium. It will be a shining embodiment of Egyptian football, with its stars, flags and fans, on the land of the Emirates, which hosts and welcomes all guests, having already earned great successes through previous experiences and important achievements.

His Excellency Aref Hamad Al Awani, Secretary General of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council, expressed his happiness at Abu Dhabi hosting the Egyptian national team’s camp, in support of their Egyptian brothers in their two friendly matches at Hazza Bin Zayed Stadium in Al Ain. He further emphasised that the team will be making the most of their Emirati camp through their hard work.

His Excellency also confirmed the interest and keenness of the Abu Dhabi Sports Council in achieving the highest success rates in hosting sport events and activities, alongside working to consolidate and develop cooperation with Egyptian sports authorities and institutions, as well as with all Arab countries.

He stated: “We welcome the great Egyptian team, its stars, and its technical and administrative staff, as well as the Board of Directors of the Football Association. We will be waiting for the Egyptian fans at Hazza bin Zayed Stadium in the matches against Zambia and Algeria, and we confirm our readiness to host according to the highest levels of excellence.”

Gamal Allam, President of the Egyptian Football Association, expressed his happiness at holding the national team’s camp in Abu Dhabi, in cooperation with the federation’s exclusive marketer, United Sports Company, headed by Mohamed Yahya Lotfy, which ensures its success.

Allam specified that they would make the most of the technical benefits from the matches against Zambia and Algeria in light of the great potential displayed through the infrastructure.

He also stated: “The Emirates is a sister country to Egypt and has shown great support for the Egyptian national team. Hence, we will also be among our brothers and loved ones in light of the historical relations that exist between both countries.”

Allam added that the Arab fans can expect a fun football date next October, as the Egyptian national team’s matches usually receive attention from Arab fans in general, particularly Egyptian and Emirati fans.

The President of the Egyptian Football Association praised the role played by United Sports Company in concluding agreements that would develop Egyptian football and facilitate its transformation from local to regional and international levels.

Engineer Saif Al Waziri, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of United Sports Company, appreciated the fruitful and continuous cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Sports Council at all strategic, commercial and investment levels, pointing out that cooperation cannot be limited to an idea.

Aside from hosting matches and camps for Egyptian and national teams exclusively in the Emirates, the Abu Dhabi Sports Council’s cooperation extends to advancing trade and investment relations between Egypt and the Emirates, which greatly benefit from their capabilities in organising global and regional sporting events with unparalleled success.